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Saferin to Present at APMA Mini-Summit on Board Consolidation

Bruce Saferin, DPM, who served on the State Medical Board of Ohio for 10 years, will be among the presenters at an upcoming mini summit, Licensing Board Consolidation: Pros and Cons.

The event, hosted by APMA's Center for Professional Advocacy (CPA), will take place Wednesday, February 28 from 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. EST. All members are invited to attend.

The virtual event aims to delve into the emerging trend of licensing board consolidation, identified as a significant development by the CPA across various states.

As the landscape of health care regulation evolves, licensing board consolidation has become a focal point of discussion. The Mini Summit will feature leaders from states that are either utilizing consolidated boards or are currently facing possible consolidation. Panelists will provide invaluable insight into the advantages and challenges associated with separate versus consolidated licensing boards.

Attendees will also hear from Russell Stoner, Executive Director, Federation of Podiatric Medical Boards (FPMB), who will address the critical role that FPMB can play in these discussions. Finally, there will be an opportunity for open discussion and questions from the attendees.

Members interested in this topic are encouraged to register to attend, no later than February 26, 2024. For additional information about this upcoming event, or to see materials from the past mini summit addressing physician extenders, please visit

Ohio Regulatory Structure
Ohio is one of three states where podiatrists are regulated by a combined medical board.

The State Medical Board of Ohio (SMBO) issues licenses and oversees the practice of allopathic physicians (MD), osteopathic physicians (DO), and podiatric physicians (DPM) under the authority of the Medical Practices Act, Chapter 4731, Ohio Revised Code (ORC). SMBO also licenses and regulates physician assitants, massage therapists, radiologist assistants, respiratory care professionals, anesthesiologist assistants, genetic counselors, acupuncturists, and dietitians.

The State Medical Board of Ohio is comprised of twelve members: nine physicians (seven MD, one DO, one DPM) and three non-physician public members. The Board members are appointed by the Governor and serve five-year terms.

Center for Professional Advocacy Supports State Advocacy
The CPA's mission is to advance the podiatric medical profession by providing direction for legal, regulatory, and state legislative advocacy activities.

OHFAMA Executive Director Mike Mathy, CAE, serves on the CPA committee to share and gather best practices on state advocacy efforts.


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