ORCA Member Code of Ethics

As a member of the Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association, our members pledge:

  • The Member will not perform, or caused to be performed, any act which would tend to reflect negatively on, or bring into disrepute, any legitimate part of the roofing industry.
  • The Member will constantly seek to provide the best value possible to the consumer.
  • The Member agrees to treat all their employees in a fair and ethical manner.
  • The Member will aspire to elevate the standards of their vocation by exercising a high degree of care in the execution of all work, correct any defective work as a direct challenge to his/her ability and integrity, and to do work which will be wholly satisfactory and bring credit to the members, the Association and the industry.
  • The Member vows to protect and defend the public from unethical practices affecting the roofing contractor industry and will not purposely misrepresent themselves, his/her company nor will they otherwise knowingly engage in any type of fraud. Unethical practices are actions that violate federal, state and local statutes, rules or regulations that govern the roofing industry.
  • The Member will operate their business in accordance with the laws of constituted authority at all levels.
  • The Member will attain and retain General Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance as required by ORCA, federal, state and local authorities and attain and retain permits, licensing and/or registration as required by federal, state and local authorities.
  • The Member takes pride in their business, and will endeavor constantly to improve the roofing contracting industry of which he/she is a part. He/She will support the activities of his/her Association and participate in its projects and programs. He/She will respect his/her fellow roofing contractors and refrain from any disparaging statements concerning them.