ORCA membership is not an expense…
It's an investment in your business's future!

The Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association is a non-profit organization created to promote, train, and educate both our members and consumers on best practices for the roofing industry in Oklahoma.

It is the goal of the Association to share information and ideas that can help contractors and manufacturers remain competitive and ensure continued success in today’s market.

Our membership consists of roofing contractors, and companies that are engaged in the roofing industry either as general contractor, subcontractor, or manufacturer, or in the furnishing of roofing industry-related materials, supplies, insurance, bonds, services, or equipment to roofing contractors.

Become a Contractor Member! Become an Associate Member! Become a Provisional Member!

Membership Investment

Contractor Membership  - $600 Annually or $150 Auto-Renewal Quarterly

(Requires 2+ Years Experience in the Oklahoma Roofing Industry).

Provisional Membership  -
$300 Annual

(Contractors with LESS THAN 2 Years Experience in the Oklahoma Roofing Industry).

Associate Membership -
$1000 Annually or $250 Auto-Renewal Quarterly

(Any service that can be offered to a Roofing Contractor. i.e. -  Supplier, Manufacturer, Legal Help, Financial Services
or any service that can be offered to a Roofing Contractor).


Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't ORCA just for big commercial contractors?

Not at all. Programs and services such as educational seminars, our searchable online membership directory and public awareness marketing are valuable membership resources for contractors of any size or type. The ORCA Legislative Committee is committed to advocating legislation that will improve the roofing industry in Oklahoma for all companies involved. For a list of benefits, please visit our benefits page.

I can't afford the membership dues, but am interested in ORCA. What can I do?

It is important to realize that membership in ORCA is a business investment — not a business expense. When you join ORCA you will receive a listing in our online directory, so that consumers in your area can find you, your official member seal that will tell the public that you are an honest and reputable contractor, and the benefit of our public awareness marketing. These benefits alone outweigh your membership dues. However, we do offer Quarterly Renewals to spread the expense if needed. For a list of benefits, please visit our benefits page.

I'm already a successful roofing contractor. Why should I join ORCA?

The most successful companies want to stay successful. ORCA offers programs and services that can help grow your business and save you money to make you even more successful and to hedge against uncertain times. By joining ORCA you are doing your part to not only remain successful, but to improve the industry as a whole. Our Lobbyists work for us year round, keeping ORCA aware of possible changes for the industry state wide. This allows our association a better chance at having a say in Oklahoma roofing law and standards. For a list of additional benefits, please visit our benefits page.