ONMA Convention won't be held this year

Hooper and Collegiate presentations to be virtual, along with Carrier of the Year Awards

The Convention Committee decided last fall to postpone a 2021 convention due to the uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic and when indoor mass gatherings would again be permitted.


Ending a rough year on a positive note

Happy end to 2020 to all of our members! There were days when 2021 felt like it was some far, off horizon that eventually we’d get to but who knew what any of us would have to encounter in the meantime.


Sue Bazzoli to retire after 16 years at ONMA

Sue Bazzoli plans to spend her time doing volunteer work, traveling, and spending time with her grandchildren.


Help your newspaper employees lead by example this election season

I’ve asked you to make sure you educate would-be voters about their options to cast a ballot.


This is the time for community newspapers to shine!

Are we, the media responsible for the fact there is even a “mask debate”? Elevating the profile of groups like QAnon so much that even when we write about “cannibalistic child sex-trafficking rings” it somehow seems “normal” or “everyday” for those phrases to be on page one? What planet are we on here folks? Just because someone posts something on Facebook doesn’t mean the media has to report it. Just because someone makes an outrageous comment, does not make it “news”.


ONMA Coronavirus Information Page

The Ohio News Media Association has created this page to centralize resources about the COVID-19 outbreak for our member journalists. If you don’t see the information you need on this page, contact the ONMA’s Jason Sanford.


Pat Conkle to retire after 35 years at AdOhio

Patricia Conkle has seen the newspaper industry massively change since 1985, the year she first started working for AdOhio, the Ohio News Media Association’s advertising affiliate.


Voter education depends on responsible local journalism

You are the best source for that information but if you aren’t providing it, people will seek it elsewhere and therein lies the problem.


Call to arms on USPS

Every newspaper in Ohio should be reaching out to their Congress representatives and expressing concern for the current tampering with the US mail system.


Promote the importance of local journalism to your readership

If people did not have our members’ articles to read, they certainly would not be getting any of the information about the Householder scandal from the national press. It is just one very prominent example of why Ohio needs its local newspapers to not just survive but to thrive.

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