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The OSAP Foundation – Your Way to “Pay It Forward”

In November 2016, the Ohio Society of Association Executives Board of Directors recognized the need for a Foundation that supports and advances the needs of association professionals and industry thought-leaders in Ohio.
Thus, the Ohio Society of Association Professionals Foundation (OSAEP), a 501(c)3 organization, was established in part to provide ever greater resources to sustain and enhance two critical programs: The Shane Yates Aspiring Leadership Institute, named for the late OSAE Executive Director Shane Yates, and the OSAE Association Leadership Summit. While these already serve the association community's future, there is always more OSAE wants to do with these programs through more nationally-recognized speakers and instructors and by expanding the numbers of those who can join the programs.
The OSAP Foundation (OSAPF) advances association management and leadership through education and research. As OSAP's philanthropic arm, the Foundation raises funds and invests in projects that directly support the educational and research advancement of associations in Ohio.
One of the most critical roles that OSAP serves is the development of the best talent in association management for Ohio-based organizations. Support from members like you is key in realizing our ambitions.

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