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Daily Buzz: Solve the Mystery Behind Low Member Retention Rates

Before more members say goodbye, find out why

Dipping retention rates? Before any more members say goodbye, you have to find out why.

“Managing the rate of losses your association’s membership takes is all about noticing what’s driving members away in the first place and fixing those errors,” says Audra Hopkins on the Web Scribble blog.

To move retention rates toward an upswing, Hopkins suggests taking a look at your onboarding process. Does your strategy run smoothly and make new members feel welcome? If it doesn’t, it could be a sign that members don’t integrate properly or have access to the benefits of the organization.

Next, look at the strength of your association’s engagement, specifically when it comes to your online community.

“A premium online member community boils down to just a few things: technology, accessibility and content,” Hopkins says. “If you can master these three components, you’re on your way to better member engagement—and hopefully less members lost.”

If a low member retention rate is still a mystery, consider going straight to the source and asking members for feedback.

“By getting feedback on your performance, you’ll be able to tackle problems before they become big enough to drive away members from your organization,” she says.

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