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The ‘Minterns’ Taking Internships In Their 30s

In Europe, Millennial job dissatisfaction is leading to major career changes

At 29, Alejandro Cavazos led a team of more than 25 people at a multinational welding manufacturing company in Mexico. He drove around Monterrey in a company car, flew business class and enjoyed all the benefits of a cushy corporate position.

Remembering those days, he laughs in disbelief. “I don’t have any of that now,” he says. “And I don’t miss it at all.”

Today, now aged 32, Cavazos is back at the bottom of the ladder. As an intern at a tech hub in Barcelona, he earns 500 euros per month ­– less than half of the minimum wage. Instead of driving a company car, he rollerblades to work; with his part-time salary he couldn’t afford public transport, anyway.

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