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Report: Board Leaders Must Step Up to Keep Pace With Change

Directors play a pivotal role in catalyzing change

Board leaders can drive big changes in their organizations—as long as they’re willing to embrace that role. That’s a key finding of a new study from the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), whose Blue Ribbon Commission initiative this year makes the case that board chairs, and those in similar roles, can be highly effective change agents that help their organizations leverage opportunities for growth.

In fact, according to Fit for the Future: An Urgent Imperative for Board Leadership, it’s essential that they do so.

“The accelerating pace and intensifying complexity of change are leading to the emergence of a fundamentally different operating reality than incumbent executives and directors have experienced in their careers to date,” Blue Ribbon Commission co-chairs Cari Dominguez and Lester Lyles write in the report. “However, this dizzying amount of change also creates immense opportunities for companies to out-innovate the competition, to generate value in new ways and to strengthen their governance.”

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