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How to Write Better Emails

Keep business emails short, focused, professional and positive

Mastering Emails
All of us experience the joy of email each and every week. Whether you’re the master of your inbox or struggling to stay afloat, it’s always helpful to learn from others. These ten reminders from They Don’t Teach Corporate in College are important whether you are just starting out in the corporate world or you’ve been a resident for decades.

Alexandra Levit is the author of eight books including They Don’t Teach Corporate in College and Humanity Works. She is a former nationally syndicated columnist for the Wall Street Journal and writer for the New York Times, Fast Company and Forbes.

And now Alexandra’s guest excerpt: The majority of written communication now takes place through email, which can be rather complicated. You still want to follow the C&C and Quality Control rules of regular written communication, but you also have to balance a multitude of considerations that are unique to the medium of email.

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