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Association Events as Part of an Omnichannel Strategy

Understanding which works best: in-person or virtual

The pandemic brought up the need for extensive use of digital solutions. But how to meet the new needs of associations?

When associations entered the digital world for their conferences, the need for an experienced event professional who is using such technology on a daily basis became clear. Before the pandemic, the marketing and events team was the big rock star for live events, while the digital teams were good at handing online requirements. Suddenly, all those experts in the digital area were helping the live events teams to bring that experience together to create hybrid events. 

We, as a company, grew from merely selling event technology for live events to creating a virtual platform using all the expertise our digital teams already had; in this sense, we were lucky enough to have the resources to do that. We have brought together the best of the two worlds, accommodating all kinds of needs, from organizing a webinar to the execution of a full event: a one-stop shop. 

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