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Three Ways to Get Focused on Your Career Journey

Jump before you're ready

Although we’ve all been dealing with same pandemic, everyone’s experience has been different. For me, 2020 offered an opportunity to get laser focused on my career trajectory and how to navigate networking in a virtual environment. To make that happen, I had to jump before I was ready, advocate for myself, and make genuine and meaningful connections. Here are some ideas for how and why you should consider doing those things too.

Jump Before You’re Ready

Have you ever told yourself you’d go for that position with more responsibility when you’re “ready”? Yeah, me too, and I would advise against it. In late 2019, there was an open advocacy position in my organization that on paper, I didn’t necessarily qualify for because all my association experience had been in membership.

Instead of telling myself all the reasons why I wasn’t qualified, I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about the industry and the inner workings of associations. During my interview process, I highlighted my strengths as a leader and how my membership experience would benefit me in this role. In addition, I outlined a plan to accommodate the learning curve. It was the catalyst to my newfound confidence and clear career path. If I would’ve waited until I felt I was qualified, I would have missed out on all the opportunities 2020 and 2021 brought me professionally.

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