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Tens of Thousands of Monkeypox Vaccines Rushed to Clinics

White House pushes new strategy as cases climb

The Biden administration will begin sending out tens of thousands of vaccine doses to clinics nationwide in an effort to control a record U.S. monkeypox outbreak that many experts say is far larger than the official count of 306 cases, officials announced on Tuesday.

The vaccination strategy, which officials characterized as part of a broader push for more testing and public awareness of monkeypox, will focus on distributing doses to states with the highest number of confirmed cases of the disease, which is spread by close contact that can lead to fever, aches and a visible rash. Gay and bisexual men have disproportionately contracted the virus and remain especially vulnerable to infection, fueled by celebrations during Pride Month, public health experts warn.

In most cases, monkeypox symptoms disappear on their own within a few weeks. But for those who are pregnant, children and people with weak immune systems, the disease can lead to medical complications, including death, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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