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How to Stay Resilient as You Begin to Travel Again

Here are some tips

Last week, in one of the regular online office hours I conduct for leaders in our in-person programs and online courses, I got a really important question via chat from one of the participants. Here it is verbatim:

One of my questions leading into the summer is any tips/guidance for how to bounce back if your travels take your routines out of sync. How do you bounce back? (i.e., traveling/road trips, attending big family events with food/drink outside normal routine, not able to get normal physical routine in).

That’s a great question because pretty much every organizational leader (and a lot of other people too) will be dealing with it in the months to come. Business travel is picking up. People are going on vacation this summer after two plus years stuck at home. And, like me, you probably know a bunch of people who will be traveling once or twice a month this year to attend all of those weddings and other family gatherings that were postponed due to COVID.

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