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The VAT Conundrum of Virtual Events

From a VAT perspective, the place of supply has to be carefully examined

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, event organizers have had to adapt very quickly to avoid huge financial loss. Many events and conferences that were scheduled to be in-person were hosted online, and they have now become known as virtual events.

Now, as the virus seems to be receding, it’s all about hybrid events, which combine in-person attendance with a virtual audience.

Virtual events allow remote participants to access live meetings from their computers, wherever they are based around the globe. Hosted entirely over the internet, they usually include live interactive sessions during which participants have the opportunity to ask questions, play games with each other, watch videos, etc. Meanwhile, in-person events include the notion of physical presence of participants and the opportunity to participate in an activity, such as a course, conference, or a seminar for instance.

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