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How to Build Confidence About Showing Vulnerability

It's a fine but valuable line to walk

Fabian was feeling anxious as he left the leadership training course. He knew what he had to do, and yet he didn't know how to actually do it.

Fabian had been promoted up through the ranks of a global construction firm, starting in 1994 out of his university as part of a rotational management program. There, he learned that the best leaders demand operational efficiency and perfection out of their teams. Across his career, he tried to emulate the people who rose into leadership by acting like “the smartest person in the room.”

But over the last five years, Fabian had been losing business to competitors. His team wasn't responding fast enough to clients’ changing expectations, and he watched three of his best team members leave the company, even though he matched their offers. He was finding it harder and harder to "have all the answers."

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