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How to Keep Your Best People in a Disrupted Workplace

The question is more urgent now

Last week, Associations Now published its latest Deep Dive package, “No Going Back,” which covers the new association workplace. Circling around that theme is a complicated question that’s become more urgent than ever: What’s a workplace?

The question is more urgent now because whatever a “workplace” means now, more people feel comfortable leaving it. Various recent surveys point to cases where majorities of employees say they’re ready to leave their current positions—and that those majorities escalate if employers institute hard-line return-to-office policies. Only 20 percent of employees want to be in an office full-time, according to a survey released last week by Future Forum, but as a report from Fortune points out, employers increasingly want workers back in person.

That’s bound to be an increasing source of tension, one that directly impacts retention. Addressing that challenge is the topic of one of the stories I contributed to the package, “Six Ways to Keep Your Best People.” There’s some good advice there, all rooted in an organization that recognizes that challenges won’t be solved by return-to-office edicts (or money), but rather by understanding its people.

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