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Tactics for Terminating a Remote Employee

Terminating a remote staffer comes with a unique set of challenges

Q: Since some of our staff began working remotely, we’ve been lucky and not had to deal with a difficult performance issue. However, we want to be prepared. Can you help us plan for how to handle performance and other discipline issues, including how to do a termination remotely?

A: Managing performance is all about setting clear expectations and then holding the employee accountable for meeting them—no matter where we are all working from. 

When a remote employee is having a performance issue, set a time to meet on Zoom or whatever platform your organization uses. Begin by clearly laying out the issue. Start with expectations and show where the employee’s performance is lacking.  If you are issuing a verbal warning, confirm it in writing via email so that both you and the employee know exactly what is expected of the employee going forward.

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