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Crafting a Winning GR Strategy Means Keeping Score

Adding gaming may be the strategy your association needs to level up

It’s important for your government relations department to have a strategy, but how do you create one? We often turn to the familiar, creating elaborate plans like Matryoshka dolls. However, as time passes, the team is not accomplishing as many goals as hoped and morale is slipping. The problem isn’t you or your team; it’s the game—or rather the lack of one.

Teams love to win a game that challenges them to achieve new levels of excellence, growing individually and together as a group. When they’re playing a game like that, they’ll come up with creative, previously unimagined ways of succeeding. To create this kind of engagement and success, you need a game and a scoreboard.

Drawing inspiration from 4 Disciplines of Execution methodology, a government relations scoreboard can transform your team into a productive powerhouse. To get started, work with your team to select one to three goals that matter most.

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