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Build Buzz Around Your Association with Geofencing

Here are some how-to tips for success

With a projected 7.5 billion mobile phone users by 2025, it goes without saying that digital marketers should harness the advantages of mobile technology. One way to do so is through geofencing, a top-of-funnel marketing technique that helps boost awareness and leads for your association and its activities.

With geofencing, marketers use GPS and RFID technologies to ensure ads reach mobile users within virtual geographic boundaries. Geofenced ads are triggered for delivery once a mobile device enters the boundary, allowing marketers to capture the attention of potential members, conference registrants and sponsors.

Ultimately, the location that association marketers target through geofencing varies based on where target audiences gather. A healthcare-focused association, for instance, may geofence the convention center where a competing association is holding an annual event.

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