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Ten Leadership Skills Gained From Serving on a Board

It can teach you indispensable, next-level leadership skills

I don't feel it's an exaggeration to say that the world is experiencing a leadership crisis. More than ever, the world needs new leaders--in business, society, and every decision-making aspect of our cultures and institutions. We need new ideas, imaginative thinking and more effective solutions to inspire. We need their passion to promote cooperation and growth and infuse new energy into outdated systems.

I believe our future leaders are already out there because I speak with emerging leaders every day as a brand consultant. Some are entrepreneurs, others are rising executives, and some are people like you--managers, partners, thinkers, and doers--people brave enough to stand up, stand out, and help answer the challenges the world faces. Their voices and ideas are simply not being heard by a wide audience--yet.

To emerging leaders looking for your next giant step in growth opportunities, I recommend serving on the board of a business or non-profit organization. This one experience and the benefits it offers can elevate your personal and professional growth exponentially. 

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