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Monkeypox Cases in the U.S. Are Falling

No one understands why

The explosive U.S. monkeypox epidemic, now four months old, appears to be slowing down—although new cases, and serious complications, are still arising. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced this week that two men in Colorado and Washington, D.C., developed grave neurological problems that left them using walkers.

Health authorities in California say a man there died as a result of monkeypox infection, and Texas experts are evaluating the death of a man in that state, as well.

With 22,774 cases, the US has racked up almost two-fifths of the world’s total. Nevertheless, a recent CDC assessment says the epidemic’s “rate of growth is slowing.” In July, it took only eight days for the U.S. case count to double; it takes approximately 25 days for the same to happen now. That the epidemic may be slowing is unquestionably good news. But there’s a catch: No one is quite sure why.

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