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FTC Issues a Crackdown Warning Over Exploiting Gig Workers

If you use gig workers, be aware of the agency's new priorities

The Federal Trade Commission is about to ramp up enforcement against businesses that exploit gig workers.

The agency announced last Thursday in a 17-page policy statement that it will start targeting companies who take advantage of gig workers, specifically those who participate in "unfair, deceptive or anticompetitive practices." That includes things like employee misclassification and unfavorable contracts to wage-fixing and concentrated markets.

That's not necessarily welcome news for some businesses. Indeed, FTC Chair Lina Khan, has been criticized by business groups about the agency's purported overreach. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce sued the FTC in July, accusing the agency of a lack of accountability and arguing that the agency "is pursuing an aggressive agenda with far-reaching implications for American businesses and the economy."

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