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Put a Little Power Cube Under Your Couch

Having convenient access to charging stations is important

I'm writing this from my couch. My laptop was at about 10 percent when I sat down, but I’m not worried. I have a secret weapon for keeping my gadgets charged in the living room: a little block with outlets and USB ports. I love my power cube.

I can't remember when I started doing this, but it's been years of pure charging bliss. Prior to getting that power cube, I'd use long USB cables running across the couch or a portable battery to charge my phone while it sits on the coffee table. These were unsightly and unreliable options, and they didn't get better as I started accumulating tablets, a Switch … and all my guests' devices.

There are several decent options for charging gadgets on the couch. A side table with a drawer full of cables and some outlets isn't a bad idea. I still have this charging station sitting on a small shelf next to my couch, though that doesn’t solve the cable problem for people on the opposite side. Surge protectors are huge and bulky, and wireless charging pads can only go so far.

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