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Prior to Starting a Large Fundraising Campaign, Assess Risk Tolerance

Fact: Capital campaigns can require a lot of time and resources

If you’re steering a large organization of members who depend on its leaders’ decisions for its long-term health and value, you likely think a lot about risk, innovation and decision-making. And if you’re considering a major fundraising push or capital campaign to kickstart your organization’s growth, risk has undoubtedly been part of the conversation already.

Capital campaigns are among the biggest fundraising initiatives that nonprofits undertake. They can bring huge benefits, but they also require significant investments of time and resources. Before committing to a capital campaign (or any major fundraising project), understand your organization’s risk tolerance to set the right goals and make appropriate decisions.

Understanding Risk Tolerance

Some organizations are historically risk-averse and prefer only to take on large projects or investments if the payoff is likely. Others are bolder with their decision-making, leading with passion and vision. Associations like that are willing to accept bigger risks.

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