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Seven Tips to Boost Engagement in Hybrid Meetings

Here are some effective starting points

Global organizations have been holding virtual meetings for many years, using myriad platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WebEx to bring their teams together when individuals are in distant locations. More than two years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic forced office workers around the world to work remotely, even when they lived near their place of employment.

Today, the business world has settled into a unique and flexible work environment, and whilst some employees are returning to their offices, others are working at home, creating a new hybrid structure. This hybrid structure often includes meetings where some employees gather in person in a conference room with others joining virtually. It's the new normal and likely here to stay.

Hybrid meetings are complex, challenging to execute and (often) laden with opportunities for failure. One bad audio link, an unstable internet connection or an ineffective leader who loses control of the agenda can ruin the meeting for everyone.

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