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Beyond Implementation

Embracing change and identifying opportunities

Associations often view implementation as the final stop on their digital transformation voyage, but in reality, it’s more comparable to a launch pad. And how you navigate your AMS after blasting off makes all the difference in your mission’s success.

In other words, associations must continue to embrace change after they’ve implemented new technology. Modern, cloud-based AMS technologies continually evolve through updates, patches, and integrations, allowing associations to regularly improve processes in accordance with emerging needs.

“Get into the habit of identifying opportunities to improve your AMS from the time people begin to use it,” said Greg Amdur, Senior Vice President, Customer Success & Strategic Programs at Impexium. “You might get 85 percent of the way there by the completion of the implementation stage, but there’s always that next 15 percent—that recalibration and optimization that has to happen continually, particularly in an environment where the software is continually evolving.”

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