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The Newsletter Trend Is Hot Right Now

Examining if your association needs a strategy refresh

Fact: The average person's inbox is a battle for attention. Each day, a new message emerges to ask for a moment of your time, your attention and, potentially, your clicks.

And that demand for your eyeballs and brainpower is growing, with newsletters seeing a significant rise in popularity as individual journalists and niche publications embrace the tool to reach passionate, frequent readers. Tools like Substack and Ghost are just as trendy as social networks like TikTok. While some suggest that “peak newsletter” has already come and passed, the fact remains that many are still finding success with this model.

And while associations have been mining this territory for decades, a 2021 Litmus study found that more than 90 percent of marketers said email was at least somewhat essential to their companies’ success. Many even described it as their most effective platform.

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