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Assess Your DE& Progress by Asking These 12 Questions

Many leading organizations continue to struggle to recruit diverse talent

Diversity has become a buzzword among many companies in light of reports that show diverse companies are more profitable than their less diverse peers. Yet many leading corporations continue to struggle to recruit diverse talent. The root of this issue boils down to one sole factor: a company's intentions versus its actual actions.

I've seen several company DE&I initiatives that failed because stated intentions have not materialized into action. In my work to accelerate recruiting diverse talent, I have created a rubric for differentiating a company's actual diversity progress from performative intentions. This list of 12 questions can help companies understand how much progress they are making toward creating a diverse workforce.

To use this rubric, I answer each question with a "yes" or "no" based on quantitative or objective facts. Each "yes" answer to a question is one point. A "no" answer is zero. If a company has six points or more, a company is headed towards creating a diverse corporation. If a company has fewer than six points, there is much room for improvement.

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