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2020 Reports to the Synod Assembly

Even though we didn't meet in person, we share with you the important reports from our various teams, partners and affiliates that represent, in part, the diverse work we do together in the Southern Ohio Synod mission territory.

Below are links to the individual reports from our team, partners and affiliates. These may also be downloaded from our Assembly website. Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a report and keep the members of the Southern Ohio Synod connected with the important work we do for the sake of the Gospel.

2019 Synod Assembly Minutes  
2020 Synod Assembly Report Of The Southern Ohio Synod Bishop  
2020 Synod Council Assembly Report  
Amazing Grace Day Camps Report 2020  
Capital University Partner Synod Report 2020  
Compensation Guidelines For Word And Sacrament Housing Allowance 2021  
Compensation Guidelines For Word And Sacrament With Parsonage 2021  
Compensation Guidelines For Word And Service Deacons 2021  
Pulpit Supply Rates 2021  
Congregation Giving Report 2019  
ELCA Mission Investment Fund 6 F Southern OH 2019 Financial Facts  
Hunger Task Force 2020 Annual Report  
Lutheran Men in Mission Report 2020  
Lutheran Immigration And Refugee Service 2019 Annual Report  
Lutheran Social Services Report 2020  
Finance Committee Assembly Report 2020  
Mission & Ministry Plan 2021-22  
Portico Benefit Services 2020 Synod Assembly Report  
Southern Ohio Candidacy Report 2020  
Southern Ohio Synod Audit 2020  
Stewardship Team Report 2020  
Thrive Campaign Report  
Trinity Lutheran Seminary At Capital University Report 2020  
WELCA Report To Southern Ohio Synod Assembly June 2020  
Wittenberg University Synod Report 2020  



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