Thank you for your gifts in support of our Southern Ohio Synod and ELCA ministries.

Be assured that through your generosity God’s love is spread throughout our synod and beyond. Your gift is more than a contribution; it places God’s hope into the lives of people. Again, thank you for answering the call to help strengthen our response to the mission opportunities presented to us and to which we are all called and dedicated to serve in Jesus.

We are stronger and better together: Joining Jesus in the restoration of the world!


One of the easiest ways to give is to direct your online shopping dollars on Amazon.Smile to the Southern Ohio Synod! Use this direct link to let Amazon know that when you shop their website, you want part of your spending to benefit the Southern Ohio Synod!


Current Giving Opportunities

Please note that the online donation form is for credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover Cards) donations only. We will accept online donations for ELCA, Southern Ohio Synod or other special Churchwide or Synodical giving opportunities as outlined below. If you wish to make a donation to an ELCA affiliate or partner (example: Lutheran Outdoor Ministries or Lutheran Social Services) using your credit card, please contact the affiliate or partner directly. We are unable to pass along credit card payments to entities other than the ELCA or the Southern Ohio Synod.

Donate online now to ELCA and/or Southern Ohio Synod ministries

Donate online now to ELCA and/or Southern Ohio Synod ministries

We can now accept Visa and Mastercard donations for all ELCA and Southern Ohio Synod ministries, including general mission support. Thank you in advance for your generosity.