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14th Annual Trade Show 

October 25 - November 3, 2020

List of 2020 Virtual Trade Show Exhibitors

This year's conference will be held VIRTUAL for ALL URA members for FREE!

Want to Exhibit?

Exhibitor Benefits 

During this pandemic, the health and safety of URA members continues to be of utmost importance. URA members will access the virtual trade show through their member portal bringing them an entirely new member benefit! Non-members will have a unique opportunity to join and access the show at an extremely low cost – making this a win-win for the industry. Not only will we bring independent retailers from throughout the world to you, but you and your team can also stay home and stay safe. Major cost factors:

  • No cost for buildout, carpet rental, power, internet, on-site labor, or freight
  • No airfare or lodging
  • Around the clock Virtual Exhibit Hall – open 24 hours a day for 10 days
  • Easy exhibitor on-boarding
  • Flexible program, tailored to your company
  • Interactive chat between exhibitor representatives and attendees
  • Cross-digital marketing with website redirect, resulting in higher SEO ranking and opens doors to retarget campaigns
  • No printing costs – marketing is just a click away

In addition to independent retailers having the ability to start a live chat with a company representative or schedule an appointment, you can fully customize so much more!  Here is a video that explains it best. 

Once you sign up to exhibit you will be sent an email with a link to an Exhibitor Intake Form that will walk you through everything.  Some of the items you will be able to do are as follows:

  • Link to your Website or Store
  • Create your own Fashion Show Video
  • Upload a brochure
  • Create a Gallery of your New Designs and Colors
  • Provide a demo on How to Properly Fit or Measure or maybe How to Maximize your Display

Virtual Trade Show Cost:  $1,000

Secure Your Virtual Booth Today!

If you are interested in being a sponsor please email URA@UniformRetailers.org.