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Spring Training Line Up: Top-notch Pest Management Training in Virginia!

VPMA is YOUR Technical Training Division!

VPMA Tech Training



VPMA Spring Pest Management Technical Training

Professional Growth Opportunities: VPMA training events are not just offered to provide recertification credits. These Spring training events do offer credits, but they also provide PMPs with a wealth of knowledge and ideas that can be applied directly to the daily pest challenges faced, leading to better control, fewer callbacks, and a pathway to becoming a top-tier technician. Read below for a brief explanation of each of the four programs in the 2024 Spring Line Up of technical training.


Register for April 17th Webinar

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VPMA Virtual Spring Webinar Series

April 17th - May 15th - June 20th

Recertification credits have been applied for in 7a, 7b, 7d, 8, and 60 in Virginia, and in the corresponding categories in Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and West Virginia.

Cost: VPMA Member $65 - Non-member $95

This half-day webinar will be presented three times - pick a day that fits your schedule! The agenda includes practical training in mosquitoes, flies, termites, and wildlife control presented by VPMA Gold Education Sponsors.

  • Mosquito Biology and Treatment Strategies presented by Richard D. Spigler II, BCE, BASF
  • Flies: Friends or Foe? presented by Nathan Narsh, Forshaw
  • Adding Wildlife to Your Pest Control Business presented by Marcus Johnson, Target
  • Termite Behavior & Baiting for Control presented by Jared Miller, Corteva
  • A VDACS Update will also be presented.
Click here to read about the full agenda.   

Master Technician Series

Rodents - May 13th and Pest Ants - May 14th

This event will be held in the Northern Virginia Area—location to be determined.

Recertification credits have been applied for in 7a and 60 in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington DC, and West Virginia.

Cost: VPMA Member $209/Pest Group or $400 for both - Non-member $330/Pest Group or $640 for both.

Stand out and be recognized for your experience, professionalism, and knowledge! Become a Master Technician. This program is composed of a series of workshops investigating eight major pest groups - Ants, Bed bugs, Blood-Sucking Arthropods, Cockroaches, Occasional Invaders, Pest Flies, Rodents, and Termites. Complete 4 or more of the 8 pest groups and earn the VPMA Master Technician designation!

The Spring Master Tech series will feature Rodents and Pest Ants. Registration is now open for these two pest groups. In the Fall we will feature Termites and Occasional Invaders in the Tidewater area. Registration will open mid-summer.

Click below to learn more about the full program, and specifics on the great learning experience on Rodents and Pest Ants this Spring in the Northern Virginia area (training site location TBD). 

Click here to read about the full agenda. 

VPMA Spring Pest Management Technical Training

Register for Master Tech: Rodents, Ants, or both!




WDI Inspector

Register for the WDI Inspector Workshop on 4/10/24

Register for the Virtual WDI Inspector Webinar on 6/4/24

Register for the WDI Inspector Workshop on 10/10/24


Register for the VPMA WDI Recert  Workshop

Register for the Virtual VPMA WDI Recert 6/4/24

Register for the WDI Recert Workshop 10/10/24






VPMA Certified WDI Inspector Workshop Program 

Offered in-person on April 10th and October 10th, and virtually on June 4. 

Recertification credits have been applied for in 7b and 60 in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington DC, and West Virginia for both the VPMA WDI Inspector Workshop and the VPMA WDI Recertification Workshop.

Ready to Become a VPMA Certified WDI Inspector?
Take the VPMA Certified WDI Inspector Workshop

Cost: VPMA Member $209 - Non-member $330

If you conduct WDI Inspections, earn this voluntary certification and set yourself apart as a trained and tested, VPMA Certified WDI Inspector. 

This program prepares pest professionals to perform consistent, thorough inspections that their customers can truly rely on. Since termites and most other wood-destroying insects are generally hidden from view, it takes a trained professional to carefully detect conducive conditions, to know the habits and patterns of each insect, and to pinpoint signs of infestations.

If you are a Maryland PMP, you can take this course to earn your MSPCA WDI-O Credentials. 

Click here to read about the WDI Inspector program.

← Use the blue buttons to register.

Already a VPMA WDI Inspector and Need to Recertify?
Take a VPMA WDI Recertification Workshop!

Cost: VPMA Member $93.50 - Non-member $110

Having earned the WDI Inspector Certification, you have equipped yourself to provide consistent, thorough, and accurate inspections every time you complete a WDI Inspection.  To maintain your certification, you need to complete a recertification course before June 30 of the year you expire. 

You have two options for recertification. You can attend one of the VPMA WDI Recert Workshops being offered in 2024, either in-person in April or November, or virtually in June. Or, you can take the static recertification course available through NPMA's Online Learning Center. (recertification credits not available at this time)

Has your certification expired? 

No problem! You can renew your certification by completing a VPMA WDI Recert course and retaking and passing the VPMA Certified WDI Inspector exam at the end of the training event you choose.

← Use the green buttons to register.

Click here to read about recertification opportunities.


ACE LOGO  Jeffrey M. Johnson Memorial ACE Prep Course

  June 25, 2024 - Richmond, VA

   Recertification credits have been applied for in 7a, 7b, 7d, 8, and 60 in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington DC, and West Virginia.

Take this course to earn recertification credits or to earn your ACE designation (proctored exam included).

Cost: VPMA Member $99 for recert credits only/$138 for ACE certification - Non-Member $156 for recert credits only/$217 for ACE certification

Are you ready to become an ACE and be recognized for your wealth of insect knowledge?

In today's increasingly complex and highly specialized economy, credentials are important. The Entomological Society of America, long the industry leader in certification through its Board Certified Entomologist (BCE) program, also offers a certification option geared specifically toward the pest management industry. People become ACEs for a variety of reasons, but one thing is clear – the ACE program has become the benchmark for professionalism in the pest management industry.

Take the ACE Prep course to kick off your studies to prepare for this arduous exam, or if you are ready to test, take the prep course as a last-minute review. VPMA proctors the exam the day after the Prep Course for those ready to sit for the exam.

  1. Apply to become an ACE through ESA (link).
  2. Begin your self-study preparation (link).
  3. Register for the VPMA ACE Prep Course (link).
  4. Select VPMA as your proctor (link).

Click here to learn about the ACE Prep Course         Click here to register for the June 25th ACE Prep Course

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