WDI Inspector Certification Training

WDI Inspector

This program prepares pest professionals to perform consistent, thorough inspections that their customers can truly rely on. Since termites and most other wood-destroying insects are generally hidden from view, it takes a trained professional to carefully detect conducive conditions, to know the habits and patterns of each insect, and to pinpoint signs of infestations. Sending a technician out to perform WDI Inspections without this training can lead to missed signs of infestations, inaccurate reports, and big headaches for your company.  Developed in 2000, this course has certified over 2,000 inspectors since its inception.

The WDI Inspector Certification Course reviews pest identification biology and behavior (there are self-study requirements), discusses construction techniques and other conducive conditions, defines what a thorough inspection involves, leads technicians in discussions surrounding the nuances and gray areas of conducting WDI Inspections, and provides step-by-step detail about completing the NPMA-33.

  • Each VPMA Certified Inspector is classroom trained and then tested to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and ability to conduct accurate termite reports.
  • Each Certified Inspector must be employed by a company holding a pesticide business license, which ensures that the inspector is backed by a company holding liability insurance.
  • Each Certified Inspector must also have a minimum category 60 certification by the Virginia Department of Agriculture (VDACS) that certifies their knowledge of general pests.
  • This certification is valid for two years and can be recertified by attending an in-person or virtual recertification course. Already WDI Certified and need to know how to recertify to keep stay current?  Click here

Equip your inspection team with this proven training!

Each VPMA WDI Inspector Certification Course is approved for recertification credits with VDACS and surrounding states in categories  7-B and 60.

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