Leader Enrichment Action Program

LEAP Cropped The entire 3 part program spans many topics from Personal & Team Leadership to overall Organizational Leadership and concludes with a Leadership Implementation Toolbox. One of the best outcomes of being involved in LEAP, is the deep relationships you'll form with the participants in your LEAP cohort.


How will I grow as a leader?

Watch the video below, created prior to our first LEAP class, for more information about what stand to gain from this interactive training.

Here's just a few of the characteristics and skills students will develop throughout the course:Listen to LEAP Trainer Mark DeNunzio Introduce LEAP

  • Understanding Behaviors, Influence, Communications and Strengths
  • Developing Strategic Thinking, Strategies, Objectives and Action Planning
  • Leading Innovation, Decision Making and Driving Change

What are the time commitments?

The program consists of 3 in-person sessions and requires travel and overnight stays (not covered by tuition). Each session will involve individual and group learning, introspection and sharing. Some homework and group Zoom meetings will also be required. At least one evening social event is planned for each session.

This program is offered in even years.

Upcoming events are listed below, if they are scheduled.