VPMA Dispute Resolution

Members of the Virginia Pest Management Association (VPMA) have established a Dispute Resolution Process to maintain good will to the consumers of Virginia and to support the good practices of the pest management industry. Sometimes, despite everyone's best intentions, a dispute with a pest management firm arises that you are unable to resolve on your own. If you find, that after trying to work out your situation, you are unable to come to a mutually agreeable resolution, you may initiate a this process through VPMA.

In addition to matching consumers up with quality pest management firms, VPMA is proud to provide a mediation service to resolve grievances between consumers and pest management companies, whether they are a member firm or not. If you have not been able to resolve a dispute with your pest management company, consider using VPMA's grievance procedure. The grievance procedure is a voluntary, non-binding mediation service provided free of charge by VPMA.

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