About Us

The Association of Community Health Nursing Educators (ACHNE) provides a meeting ground for those committed to excellence in community and public health nursing education, research, and practice. ACHNE was established in 1978 and is run by elected volunteer leaders who guide the organization in providing networking through the quarterly newsletter and membership directory, and providing educational opportunities through publications and the annual Spring Institute.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as the premier leader in Community/Public Health (C/PHN) Nursing education, and to positively impact local to global population health.

Mission Statement

Advance population health through quality community/ public health nursing education, research and service.

ACHNE Core Values and Goals

  • Promote innovative Academic Practice partnerships 
  • Increase involvement of ACHNE and its members in public health policy 
  • Initiate recruitment and retention activities to better achieve diversity in membership 
  • Communicate and rapidly respond to issues consistent with ACHNE’s mission promoting a unified voice 
  • Establish mechanisms for mentorship – internal and external to the organization related to public health nursing 

Priorities for ACHNE

  1. Address and determine the most feasible and optimum way to balance current and future ACHNE management with available resources. 
  2. Review and expand engagement with general membership to promote long term retention.
  3. Create and implement a formal membership development program.
  4. Create and implement a formal mentoring program for members.
  5. Identify and support current and emerging roles of public health nurses.