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A Message to Academy Members and Community Partners

There was much to celebrate at our Spring Awards on May 17th. We commemorated our local physicians achieving their 50th year of practice, heard uplifting words from our very deserving Daniel Drake Humanitarian Award recipient, Dr. C. Keith Melvin,  and recognized the efforts of our Academy Council who have continued our mission despite the challenges of the past few years.

But perhaps the greatest moments to celebrate on that evening were the hugs and handshakes as our members reunited with old friends and colleagues.  And that, at the heart of things, is what our Academy is all about: Coming together as a physician community.

Take a look at our Spring Awards Recap to see some familiar smiling faces and learn more about the night's festivities.  We hope you are inspired to join us in upcoming activities and experience this camaraderie for yourself.

Kind regards,

Jessica Sellar

Executive Director

513-441-7010 ext 333

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