Foundation Board Members

Foundation Board of Trustees (March 2024-March 2025)

Executive Committee

E. Wyman Morriss, MD, President
Gregory Rouan, MD, Vice President
Noah Stern, JD, Secretary
Matthew Hardin, MD, Treasurer
Jessica Sellar, Administrator
Nancy Coomer, Staff Coordinator


Joseph Cheng, MD
Ray Cool
Chad Duff
Regina Whitfield-Kekessi, MD
Elizabeth Bangel-Stehlin

2024 Meeting Schedule

Tuesday,  March 5,  2024 - Academy Foundation Executive Committee Meeting, 6 pm

Tuesday,  June 4,  2024 - Academy Foundation Board Meeting, 6 pm

Tuesday,  December 3,  2024 - Academy Foundation Executive Committee Meeting, 6 pm

The Academy Foundation held its 2024 Annual Meeting on Tuesday evening, March 5.

Items on the meeting agenda included the election/re-election of officers and directors, a financial overview, and a review of several grant applications.

Departing the Board this year were directors Andrew Markiewitz, MD, and Bryan Ellis, DO.   Returning officers are E. Wyman Morriss, MD, president; Gregory Rouan, MD, vice president; Noah Stern, JD, secretary; Matthew Hardin, MD, treasurer; and Jessica Sellar, administrator.  The position of secretary will be filled at a later date.  Returning directors are Joseph Cheng, MD;  Regina Whitfield-Kekessi, MD; Ray Cool, and Chad Duff.

The board approved a grant from The Urban Health Project, an independent, student-run, non-profit organization founded by UC medical students in 1986.  The Urban Health Project requested funding for two 2024 summer internship positions.  The Foundation has supported UHP annually since 1988.  

Other grants approved are UpSpring, the Academy's Prehospital Care Operations Committee, and sponsorship of the Academy's 2024 Annual Meeting. The Foundation's Daniel Drake Humanitarian Award recipient, and its annual UC medical student scholarship winner, will be recognized at the Annual Meeting. 

If anyone is interested in serving on the Academy Foundation Board, please contact Nancy Coomer, 513-421-7010  or