Organized Medicine

Here is why Organized Medicine is so important.

  • "When I found myself progressively more concerned about the mounting pressures and challenges facing physicians today, I felt there had to be something more I could do to help find solutions. The Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati is where I first turned to become more informed and sought ways to get involved. The Academy is a strong advocate for physicians and I encourage all physicians to also get involved. WE need to be the solution."

    - Anne Like, MD - AOMC Past President

  • "It has been said that all politics are local. This being true, our primary concern being the health of our patients and their providers demands the support of our state government.  No matter where the care is delivered, a significant portion of the financial support is funded by our Ohio legislature. As the leaders of the healthcare team, the physician voice is a necessary component in the adjudication of healthcare funding."
    - Robyn Chatman, MD -  OSMA Past President, AOMC Past President

  • "The physician workforce is experiencing an unprecedented transition. High levels of government regulations, malpractice liability pressures, inadequate and inconsistent reimbursements and the eroding clinical autonomy are all contributing to high levels of discontentment.

    The practice of medicine is closely linked to the politics of the land. As physicians, we are our patients’ voice. We are their advocates. It is imperative that we unite and stand together to defend our profession. The Academy has always been that voice for the physicians. Its time for that voice to be heard loud and clearly once again."
    Rajbir Minhas, MD - AOMC Past President

  • "I was fortunate to become involved in organized medicine early in my medical career as a medical student.  At the time I thought it was fun and interesting to meet other students, resident colleagues, and practicing physicians.  The mentorship was inspirational and priceless through my journey.  As a resident I appreciated the experience more because of the encouragement and stress relief of talking to other physicians who had “been there and done that” and managed to survive.  I started to gain a deeper self-confidence about the thought of starting my own practice and where to begin.  I was given encouragement that it was possible to go out on my own.  It really became obvious at the end of my residency when my colleagues were worried about contract negotiations with large groups and hospital systems and I was starting a business plan.  I am the first physician in my family and didn’t have any of my own relatives to ask but I always felt like there was another tight-knit family of like-minded physicians with a wealth of knowledge that I could tap into.  Being active in organized medicine allowed me the support I needed to open my own practice after residency and thrive."
    - Elizabeth Muennich, MD - AMA Alternate Delegate, AOMC Advisory Member

  • "When I was a young physician my only thought about the Ohio Medical Board was obtaining my license and renewing it on time.  After 15 years as a member of the Medical Board it is far more, governing licensure and discipline. It effects our lives everyday.  I also saw how important the OSMA was in staying abreast of the political and legislation issues which also affects our lives.  They were and are a constant source of reliable information and advocacy for physicians."
    - Carol L. Egner, MD - AOMC Past President

  • "Providing quality patient care is only the beginning of my professional responsibilities as a physician, although no doubt the most critical. I initially joined  organized medicine in order to better educate myself on critical issues such as public health policy, insurance reform, and scope of practice. However, I soon discovered a tight knit community of physicians whose mentorship has allowed me to develop into a better leader, physician, and human being. I would encourage all physicians to be active in organized medicine!
    - Chris Paprzycki, MD - At-Large OSMA Councilor, AOMC Secretary, AMA Alternate Delegate

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