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Academy Forms New Community Outreach Committee

In March, the Academy of Medicine Council approved revisions to the structure and aims of previously existing Committees, with the addition of a newly formed committee, the Community Outreach Committee. The revisions were made as a direct result of Academy member survey feedback, which indicated more desire for opportunities to work alongside peers in giving back to the community. 

The Committee along with our 3 others (Membership & Communications, Education, Advocacy) is now open for interested members to join. More details may be found here

The Community Outreach Committee will consist of 4-8 member volunteers and aims to serve as conduit between Academy and local community through volunteer/service, patient/health advocacy,

Activities of the Community Outreach Committee may include but are not limited to:

-Planning 2-3 service related activities per year (i.e. volunteer day at Non profit supported by Foundation; building an Academy team for Mini Marathon, putting together educational health course for community, etc)

-Identifying 1-2 patient/community health challenges and leading Academy’s efforts to highlight and address issues. (via writing articles, hosting “Town Hall” in collaboration with Advocacy committee, etc)

-helping provide content for Academy Website, social media and e-bulletins on outreach and advocacy related news and updates.

For more information or to sign up to join a committee, please reach out to Jessica Sellar, Executive Director, at 

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