The Richard J. Favreau, OD Health Foundation

The Richard J. Favreau, OD Health Foundation serves as a catalyst for ideas, partnerships, and programs that improve the health and quality of life of at-risk populations in New Jersey. This is achieved by concentrating its efforts by funding programs that increase public awareness and provide services that expand eye health and vision care access that will offer an enhanced quality of life to underserved populations.

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Favreau Foundation Board of Directors

Dr. Michael J. Siegel, Chair
Dr. Harvey Richman, Vice Chair
Portia Favreau, Secretary-Treasurer
Dr. William Ference
Dr. Kathleen Kinzley
Dr. Talia Mishkin
Dr. Maria Richman
Dr. Rodolfo Rodriguez
Dr. Leonard Steiner
Dr. Michael Veliky
Dr. George Veliky 

2022 - 2023 Grants for Parker Family Health Center (PFHC)
In 2022 and 2023, the Richard J. Favreau, OD Health Foundation Board of Directors awarded grants to the Parker Family Health Center in Red Bank, New Jersey. The PFHC provides free multi-disciplinary medical care, including eye and vision care, for patients who meet certain requirements and who are without any medical insurance, including either Medicare or Medicaid. The Parker Center optometrists volunteered their time and provided 375 visits and dispensed 125 pairs of eyeglasses in 2023. 

2024 Optometrist Volunteers Needed

This year, our primary aim is to recruit additional volunteer optometrists to support eye care initiatives at the Parker Center, particularly for underserved communities, including school-age children. We invite NJSOP members to join esteemed volunteers like Dr. Gerald Kass, a retired member, alongside Drs. Erin Curtis and Neda Gioia, who generously offer their time at PFHC on their days off. Volunteers have the flexibility to choose their preferred schedule, whether it's dedicating a day each month or making a weekly commitment. For further details, please reach out to Dr. Maria Richman at

2024 Parker

 Dr. Gerald Kass serving a patient. 

2024 Visual Fields Machine Needed

The Center is looking for a visual fields machine. If you are able to donate one, please contact Dr. Maria Richman at

Scouts  - Vision Awareness PatchFundraising Opportunities

Scouts Vision Awareness Patch Program

The NJSOP and the Richard J. Favreau, OD Health Foundation support the New Jersey Scouts Vision Awareness Patch Program that has been created to help build awareness among the thousands of scouts in their own diverse communities. This program can reinforce the importance of eye exams to not just the children, but also parents, caregivers, and scout leaders. This state program complements the vision awareness patch programs found across the country. If you are interested in learning more, contact NJSOP at 609-323-4012 or Dr. Maria Richman at  today! Patch proceeds benefit the Richard J. Favreau OD Health Foundation.

Click here to read a Wall Township CoastStar article about the Shore Family Eyecare's recent Scouts Vision Awareness Patch Program event.

Online Digital Art Prints Sale

2024 Digital Print






We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Talia Mishkin for her craftsmanship in producing digital art prints available for purchase. Proceeds from these prints will directly support the foundation's noble cause. Elevate your office space with a digital art print, which can be matted and framed to enhance its beauty. Photo of Dr. Talia Mishkin with a framed print.
$20 for one, and $30 for two. The prints will be mailed to your preferred address. Click here to purchase them today!


Fun Run/Walk on Saturday, September 28th in Atlantic City!

Favreau Fun Run 2024






The Richard J. Favreau, OD Health Foundation will be hosting a fun run/walk at the NJSOP Therapy By the Sea Event in Atlantic City on Saturday, September 28th before breakfast. The first 25 participants who register receive a t-shirt. Vintage Richard J. Favreau, OD Health Foundation t-shirts are on sale year-round.
Proceeds benefit the Foundation's mission. 


Make Financial Donation Today!

Make a financial donation to the Favreau Foundation today!  The Richard J. Favreau, OD Health Foundation is recognized as a IRC 501(c) (3) organization and all donations, less any goods and services received, may be tax deductible for you. Consult with your financial advisors to learn more.