Please be advised that from May 20th to May 24th, online dues payments will be temporarily suspended due to a platform transition. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at 609-323-4012.


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Organized optometry is a federation of affiliated organizations on the national (American Optometric Association), state (New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians) and local society level. Each member is required to maintain membership in good standing with all three organizations. Each organization sets its own dues level. NJSOP bills and collects dues for both NJSOP and AOA. Local societies, however, bill and collect their own dues.

The amount of dues you will pay to NJSOP and AOA will vary with a number of factors, such as your career stage, year you joined, and your original year of licensure.  The annual dues of a newly degreed member are waived for the year in which you become originally degreed (in any state).   The following year would be billed at the 1st year member rate and would increase yearly until the 6th year level of membership. NJ dues are on a six year ascending scale.  The AOA dues are on a five year ascending scale.   A new member pays pro‑rated dues beginning with the month membership is approved.

Contact us to learn about payment plan options.

2024 Dues Amounts

Membership Dues Level NJSOP Dues AOA Dues Combined NJSOP/AOA Dues
1st year member $ 111.20 $   97.20 $   208.40
2nd year member $ 166.80          $ 194.40 $   361.20
3rd year member $  278.00 $ 486.00 $   764.00
4th year member $  556.00           $ 729.00 $ 1285.00
5th year member $  834.00 $ 972.00        $ 1806.00
6th year member         $1112.00 $ 972.00        $ 2084.00


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