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OSCA-Backed HB 338 Clears key Senate committee; HB 541 Amended to include DC's

(COLUMBUS, OH) OSCA-backed House Bill 338 cleared the Senate’s Government Oversight and Reform Committee today by a unanimous vote. HB 338 seeks to allow chiropractic physicians the ability to perform medical examinations on school bus drivers. The bill, previously voted out of the House of Representatives in 2017, must now go back to the House floor for a concurrence vote. While in the senate committee, HB 338 was amended to include legislation unrelated to the chiropractic profession.

Sub. H.B. 541 authorizes a health care professional who is licensed in good standing in another state to practice as a volunteer without remuneration in Ohio during a charitable event that lasts not more than seven days. The bill does not require the professional to apply for this authority or submit documentation to a relevant licensing board before providing health services at the event. The bill was amended today to include chiropractic physicians as one of the health providers.

HB 338 and Sub. HB 541 now head to the Senate and House floor for a full vote.


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