Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy Info

None at this time.

None at this time.

Regulatory Advocacy

The OSCA’s government and regulatory affairs team actively monitors the activities of several state agencies, boards and commissions.  When necessary, the OSCA engages with the agency, board or commission that is drafting new or amended rules.  Examples of state agencies, boards and commissions the OSCA engages with include:

Department of Medicaid
Department of Health
Bureau of Workers Compensation
Department of Insurance
Ohio Chiropractic Licensing Board
Ohio State Medical Board
Department of Jobs and Family Services

Letters & Testimony

The OSCA frequently corresponds with members of the state legislature, the Executive Branch or insurance entities and testifies on matters of importance to the chiropractic profession.  These letters and written statements convey the Association’s position on a wide variety of issues.

Rule 5101:2-12-25:  Proponent Testimony - Nicholas Strata (Department of Jobs and Family Services)

Rule 5160-4-07:  Proponent Testimony – Nicholas Strata (Ohio Department of Medicaid)

Rule 5160-8-11:  Proponent Testimony – Dr. Brandy Spaulding (Ohio Department of Medicaid)

Rule 5160-8-51:  Proponent Testimony – Nicholas Strata (Ohio Department of Medicaid)

Current and past rules the OSCA is monitoring or involved with includes:

None at this time.