Chiropractic Political Action Committee (C-PAC)

The Chiropractic Political Action Committee (C-PAC) stands up for Ohio’s chiropractic industry by helping elect and re-elect Ohio’s state representatives and senators who support the Ohio State Chiropractic Association’s public policy agenda. By electing pro-chiropractic legislators the OSCA is given the unique opportunity to shape public policy in favor of the chiropractic industry. Additionally, C-PAC gives our legislative staff the ability to play a significant and effective role while meeting with legislators in and around the Ohio Statehouse.

Online C-PAC Donations must be made with a PERSONAL credit card. C-PAC contributions may not be deducted as business or personal deductions for income tax purposes.

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The Chiropractic Political Action Committee is comprised of five members and is chaired by the OSCA's Director of Public Policy and State Government Affairs.  The remaining four members are chiropractic physicians and current OSCA members.  This committee meets at least four times a year.

The purpose of this committee is discuss candidate contributions, candidate endorsements, political affairs and make recommendations for the Donor of the Year Award.

The 1895 Club

The OSCA is excited to announce The 1895 Club! We are grateful to have members who understand that the OSCA’s presence in the legislative arena is vital to ensuring that new rules and laws serve the interest and longevity of the profession. 

To find more about the 1895 Club and how to become a member, please click here to access our informational brochure. 

We would like to give a big thanks to our current members of the 1895 Club!

Dr. Paul Baker
Dr. Vincent Brechbill
Dr. Michael Cafaro
Dr. Stacy Chidester
Dr. Jodi Cooley
Dr. Rick Cox
Dr. Patrick Ensminger
Dr. Carl Eyman
Dr. Camilla Ferguson
Dr. Kent Fox
Dr. Mickey Frame
Dr. Gregory Goffe
Dr. John Jones
Dr. Lisa Jones
Dr. Julia Keiser
Dr. Mark King
Dr. John Kohl
Dr. James Krumpak
Dr. Darla Lammers
Dr. Gregory Pitman
Dr. Theodore Poelking
Dr. Robert Prewitt
Dr. Gregory Rinehart
Dr. Bryan Royer
Dr. Ted Sazdanoff
Dr. Bethany Schumacher
Dr. Nathan Sikora
Dr. Jerrold Simon
Dr. Alan Stobinski
Dr. Brent Ungar
Dr. Ron Vargo
Dr. Patricia Williams-Lydy
Dr. Gregg Winnestaffer
Dr. Jeff Zaika
Dr. Ryan Zimmer
Robert Zirker

Donor of the Year Award

Each year the OSCA shall recognize the largest contributor to C-PAC with the Donor of the Year Award. The award shall be presented at the OSCA annual convention meeting and is based upon donations during the previous C-PAC year.  This award shall be presented by the C-PAC chairman.