Strategic Plan

The attached strategic plan is the product of 12 months of discussion and work from your Board of Directors. It is a culmination of ideas brought forth to ensure the chiropractic profession in Ohio is positioned appropriately to foster better health outcomes to the citizens. The foundation of this project was fostered with "audacious idealism" and fueled by a passion and deep understanding of the truths that lie within the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic.

Twenty elected board members of the state association, over a dozen appointed volunteers, and some of the OSCA’s past leadership came together, representing multiple practice styles and philosophies that consist within this natural healing art of Chiropractic. The purpose of creating a strategic plan like this is to provide long term guidance for current and future leaders. This plan creates a road map for the next five years; it will provide a foundation that should not be altered by incoming or outgoing leadership.  Rather, this will help our profession to finally have a clear direction to put our effort and resources in alignment with rather than continuing to reinvent itself. Our leadership team recognizes that all too often personal agendas and or varying philosophies have steered the OSCA in a direction that not all agreed with. To avoid repeating history and having limited effectiveness the following strategic plan would be the agreed-upon compass for future leaders to follow, regardless of their own personal philosophies/agendas.

Bodies of work like this do not just happen overnight. It is important to recognize those that have come before us to provide the opportunities we currently have.  It is also important to celebrate the great minds that currently serve with no regard for personal gain. And finally may we pray for the future leaders that will carry out these herculean tasks. Our professions future success will always be hinged on our ability to make decisions based on faith rather than fear.  We are excited to provide our membership a road map that shares the vision and allows us to come together. The future is bright, the soil is fertile for growth, and all we need are those willing to plant the seeds, continue to tend the soil while remaining focused on the bountiful harvest that is in our further.

Please know whatever hurdle that is in front of you as you read this is just that, a hurdle.  You simply need to jump over it to the other side and claim your victory.  There has never been a better time to be a chiropractor.  Thank you in advance for celebrating the truth that chiropractic so rightfully deserves, but more importantly the people we serve.

OSCA Strategic Plan