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OSCA-Backed HB 338 Clears key Senate committee; HB 541 Amended to include DC's

(COLUMBUS, OH) OSCA-backed House Bill 338 cleared the Senate’s Government Oversight and Reform Committee today by a unanimous vote. HB 338 seeks to allow chiropractic physicians the ability to perform medical examinations on school bus drivers.


Chiropractic Awareness Month Official; HB 196 Signed Into Law

(COLUMBUS, OH) House Bill 196, sponsored by Representative Lipps (R-Franklin), was signed into law December 22nd by Governor John Kasich.


House of Representatives Passes HB338; Senate Sends Chiropractic Awareness Bill to the Governor

(COLUMBUS, OH) The full House of Representatives voted in favor of passing OSCA-backed House Bill 338 while the Senate voted to send HB 196 to Governor Kasich for his signature.


Chiropractic Awareness Month Bill Clears Senate Committee

(COLUMBUS, OH) The Senate committee on Health, Human Services, and Medicaid voted unanimously today in support of House Bill 196.


Department of Medicaid Proceeds with Acupuncture Reimbursement for DCs; OSCA Releases Details

(COLUMBUS, OH) After a resubmission of earlier proposed Medicaid rule, the department is now proceeding forward with implementing reimbursement for Doctors of Chiropractic who perform acupuncture on their patients for a live effective date of January 1st, 2018.


House Education & Career Readiness Committee Passes OSCA Bill

(COLUMBUS, OH) A House of Representative’s committee voted in favor of passing OSCA’s bill, sponsored by Rep. Ginter (R-Salem) that would allow chiropractic physicians the ability to perform medical examinations on school bus drivers.


Senate Committee Holds Hearing on OSCA's HB 196

(COLUMBUS, OH) The Senate Health, Human Services and Medicaid Committee, chaired by Senator Dave Burke (R-Marysville), had its second hearing on House Bill 196; a bill that would place in statute October as “Chiropractic Awareness Month.”


"Continuity of Care" is the Message OSCA Takes to Medicaid over Fee-For-Time Compensation Rule

The OSCA met today with policy-makers and medical staff at the Department of Medicaid over a new rule that would allow compensation arrangements for substitute physicians


OSCA Testifies before the Ohio Department of Medicaid

OSCA’s Dr. Brandy Spaulding testified today before a Department of Medicaid panel on Rule 5160- 8-11; a rule pertaining to “Spinal manipulation and related diagnostic image services.”


OSCA Addresses MMO's Improper Denial Of Chiropractic Claims

(COLUMBUS, OH) Recently, the OSCA sent correspondence to Medical Mutual of Ohio (MMO) drawing attention to them that they are improperly denying claims submitted by several of OSCA’s members for the provision of Durable Medical Equipment (“DME”).


Ohio House Passes HB 196

The OSCA announced today that legislation naming October as “ChiropracticAwareness Month” passed out of the House of Representatives. The floor vote was a unanimous, 91-0.


OSCA Introduces School Bus Driver Medical Exams Legislation

(COLUMBUS, OH) OSCA’s Nicholas Strata announced today that House Bill 338 has been introduced to allow chiropractic physicians the ability to examine school bus drivers.


Aetna Responds to OSCA Letter, Offers Apology

OSCA’s Executive Director, Nicholas Strata, accepted an offer to speak with Aetna’s Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Harold Paz, this morning to discuss the misinformation the company’s CEO gave while conducting an interview with Yahoo Finance


Statement Nicholas Strate on Governor's New Opioid Prescribing Guidelines

Governor Kasich’s new prescribing guideline for opioids is a necessary step towards Ohio recovering from this epidemic.


Caresource Denial Update

(COLUMBUS, OH) OSCA’s Nicholas Strata announced today a fix to the CareSource issue a number of Association members have had state-wide.


Statement on AG Mike DeWine's Effort to Combat Opiate Abuse

COLUMBUS, OHIO – OSCA Executive Director, Nicholas Strata, issued the following statement today regarding Attorney General Mike DeWine’s decision to file suit against pharmaceutical companies.