OSCA Health Insurance Lifestyle Health Plans

The OSCA is pleased to offer group medical, dental, vision and life insurance option through Lifestyle Health Plans.  There are sixteen different benefit levels (see Lifestyle Health Proposal sample group PDF) available to meet a wide range of benefit needs and premium ranges (when you apply, all sixteen benefit plans are quoted for your convenience, along with the ancillary plans).  All plans offered are fully funded insurance plans, meet ACA guidelines and qualify as credible coverage.

Group insurance is available to employer groups of two or more employees; the plan may not cover individuals on their own.  Spouses in a family-owned practice may be considered two employees with completion of separate applications for coverage.  An employer will need to have roughly half of their eligible employees participate.  Employees that have coverage through a spouse, are on a subsidized health plan like Medicaid, have Medicare or are part-time need not be offered coverage.  Employers may request effective dates according to group size:

  • Employers with 3 or more employees-first of the month, any month of the year.
  • Employers with only 2 employees, first of month on quarterly start month:  January 1, April 1, July 1 or October 1 only.

The application process is easy and the OSCA have endorsed selected insurance professionals to work with you (please see the OSCA contact list).  The application usually takes 10-15 minutes for an individual to complete. 

For your convenience you may search both available networks to find providers near you: For PHCS/Multiplan go to: Multiplan.com

  1. On home page, upper right select “Search for a Doctor or Facility”.
  2. Scroll down to “On Back of Card” then select “PHCS”, then “continue”
  3. Select either “Doctor” or “Facility” look-up option, then “continue”
  4. On this page you may refine your search parameters by zip code, distance, type of provider and even look by provider name.  Please note that providers may be known under a different name or practice name, and/or facility legal name.  Some small local hospitals show up under Outpatient Rehabilitation.

For Ohio PPO connect go to: ohioppoconnect.com

  1. The website home page indicates Physicians search and Facility/Hospital search.

Given the current options available to small employers and families as a result of the changes in the insurance market, the OSCA encourages you to inquire about these exciting new programs. If you have any questions about the plans, we encourage you to contact one of the insurance representatives in your area.

Click here to download an application.