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OSCA Meets with AG's Office; Discusses Joint Commission Mandates

(COLUMBUS, OH) The OSCA met yesterday with the Attorney General’s office to discuss continuum of care practices in Ohio. Topics discussed included opiate prescribing, Joint Commission mandates, insurance reimbursement changes, behavioral health redesign and partnerships for non-pharmacological pain management. In attendance were representatives from Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine, Mercy Health and the Clermont County Mental Health and Addiction Services.

The OSCA presented information on chiropractic’s role in improving patient outcomes and reducing opioid prescription rates specific to acute and chronic pain. Current models in which chiropractic is being used in integrative settings were discussed, and strategies were shared for the inclusion of chiropractic in the hospital setting. Finally, the OSCA set forth a system for direct referrals from hospital physicians to the out-patient, community chiropractor.

As the OSCA has done for the past few years, we will continue to elevate the conversations around
the state, not just on opioids, but on non-pharmacological treatment in general.

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