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House of Representatives Passes HB338; Senate Sends Chiropractic Awareness Bill to the Governor

(COLUMBUS, OH) The full House of Representatives voted in favor of passing OSCA-backed House Bill 338 while the Senate voted to send HB 196 to Governor Kasich for his signature.

HB 338, sponsored by Representative Ginter (R-Salem), would allow chiropractic physicians to perform medical examinations on school bus drivers. House Bill 196, sponsored by Representative Lipps (R-Franklin), would name October as Chiropractic Awareness Month.

"There has been a lot work over the last 12 months to get these bills moving," said Nicholas Strata. "THere is no such thing as an easy bill. To have two of them being voted on the same day by two different chambers is special. Not sure that's ever happened before."

HB 338 now heads to the Senate while HB 196 heads to the governor's desk for his signature.

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